Jane is an experienced dog trainer whose key goal is to work with you and your pet to provide real-life solutions to enhance your relationship with your dog.  Whether you need help with pet manners or you both need help overcoming behavior challenges, Jane is equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you get the results you are seeking and deserve. As a behavior professional Jane understands the importance of staying abreast of the science and research in animal training and behavior and continues to grow her list of credentials.  Jane has provided ethical, reliable, and trustworthy support to dog owners for 30 years.


B.A. in Psychology from the University of Waterloo

Industry Training and Behaviour Credentials

Certified dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

Certified dog behavior consultant with the International Association of Behavior Consultants

Certified dog behavior consultant with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals

Accredited BC SPCA AnimalKind Trainer

Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator

Certified Fear Free trainer

Supplemental Credentials

Certified missing pet technician.

Graduate of the advanced veterinary homeopathy program with the British Institute of Homeopathy

Graduate of David Thompson University with a diploma in advanced animal welfare

Certified in Pet First Aid through St. John’s Ambulance  and through DogSafe Canine First Aid

Professional Industry Associations


Author of Perfect Puppy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Your Puppy to be a Happy, Confident, Well-Behaved Adult Dog

Chapters Include:

Choosing Your Puppy, Stages of Development and Socialization, Preparing for Your Puppy, The Puppy and The Family, Socialization, Puppy Safety, Choosing Professionals, Canine Communication, Stress, Unwanted Behaviour, Reward Based Training, and Games to Play with Your Puppy.

Plus checklists for:
• What do I Need for the Puppy?
• Daily Routine
• Socialization Checklist
• Common Hazards to Puppies
• Foods and Other Materials Toxic to Dogs if Eaten
• Clicker Training.

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