Children and Dogs: Avoiding Conflict and Bites!  

Did you know that children are the most at-risk members of our society to suffer a bite from a dog? Research reveals that children ages 5 to 9 years of age are most likely to be bitten.


Psychologists have discovered that, while children understand the behavior of an “angry” dog, they do not often recognize the signals of a frightened dog. Happily though, studies also show that children can be taught how to interpret dog behavior and avoid dog bites. 

Parents and teachers can help children avoid the risk of dog bites from family and unfamiliar dogs by enrolling them in the “Be a Tree” training presented by Dog Bite Safety Educator, Jane Bowers.

For more information on children and dog bites please check out the article I wrote for   Children and Dog Bites 

In this fun, interactive presentation children are taught: 

  • how to “be a tree”

  • how to speak dog

  • how to greet a dog (and when not to

  • how to know which dog is safe to pet (and which are not) 


Bonus: there are additional materials too for grown ups. 


“Our now 5 year old niece had a negative experience at 3 years with a boisterous dog.  We now have a large breed puppy and, while she loves him, she felt fearful around him and the pup was frustrated. Jane taught our niece some simple and oh so powerful methods to easily control her own behaviour that absolutely changed the dynamics. Our niece quickly felt confident and calm around Kramer the pup, and he calmed down around her and now they are fabulous together. We are so grateful for Jane’s guidance. She is a gifted behavioural expert, for human and canine.”


Ruth (and Joe Mason) .