Make your own hoops for Hoopers training!

For lot of good information on “Hoopers” go to .

Supplies needed:

Measuring tape

Hack or table saw (or ask your building supply store to cut pieces for you).

1 X 34” to 36” piece of ¾” PVC

2 X 16-18” pieces of ¾” PVC

2 X 12” pieces of PVC

2 X ¾“ T-joint (or 1 X 4 way PVC joint but I could not find them in my building store so improvised with 2 X T joints).

1X ¾” elbow joint

1X 1” of ¾” PVC

2 X ¾” caps (optional)

1X hoola hoop (30” in diameter)

Assembling the hoop:

Take the 36” piece of PVC , place it horizontally and add the elbow piece to one end and a “t” joint to the other end . Add the 1” piece of PVC to the other end of the T joint so you can attach the 2nd T joint (or use a 4 way joint if you can find them).

Add the 2nd T joint to the base by attaching the lower part of the T to the other end of the 1” piece of PVC.

Add the 2 pieces of 12” PVC to the second T joint and add caps to ends of the 12” pieces of PVC .

Add one of the 18” pieces of PVC to each end of the 36 inch base so the 18″ pieces are upright to the 36” piece.

Cut the hoola hoop so each end can be inserted into the vertical PVC. Depending on the size of the hoola hoop (I use ones that are 33″ in diameter and cut enough off so they fit to bottom of the 16- 18″ upright PVC pieces and end up being 36″ high).

Insert into the upright PVC pieces.

The finished hoop looks like this:

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