Doggin' it on the Coast with Eastlink TV! 

Join us and our pet partners for this fun and informative TV show all about our best friends!  There is always something to learn from our dogs and our guests.  

We are Doggin' it on the Coast! 


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Meet dogs who have intriguing jobs and do impressive things. Get great tips from our guest veterinarians, behaviorists, groomers and other professionals to use at home with your pup! Let us introduce you to new sports and activities you can do with your buddy. Learn about the most modern, science based, fear free training techniques that dogs love and respond to quickly!

Like to cook? We have great recipes your dog will surely love! Check out our blog for dog-approved recipes.

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Enjoy doing crafts? Learn about fun toys and items you can make for your dog! Check out our blog for instructions on how to make fun things like this snuffle mat your pup will love.

Handy? Check out the instructions for home built equipment! Visit our blog for ideas and instructions on making your own dog equipment. 

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